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I came across this little gem on Twitter and tried to post it directly from there. That did not go well. So, dear Purple Koalaers, I deleted it, dug the video up on YouTube, and am making another attempt. So sorry for the typical glitch and repost.

So. It’s Dick Van Dyke singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in a restaurant, which has made my day. I only saw the movie once, a long time ago, but somehow bits of this song creep into earworm status to this day and I find myself singing what I remember of it. That is powerful entertainment.

Dick Van Dyke is a national treasure. He’s still got it. All the its. 

I’ll paste in the link at the bottom too, in case of further glitchiness.

Dick Van Dyke Singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang In a Restaurant


This gorgeous video is titled Memories of Paintings. It was created by Thomas Blanchard. I have to say after watching it that he is a very talented and visionary artist. Perhaps unique. I don’t know, because I’ve never seen anything like it before and have no idea how unusual it may be. What I do know is that it is the most innovative, beautiful, and graceful use of paint imaginable. The swoop and swirl, blending, remixing, and changing of colors all set to lovely music make up a visual experience I know I won’t be satisfied to see just once. Amazing art.

Hearing X Ambassadors’ song Renegades on the radio is one thing…enjoying a great song. Seeing the official video is another thing entirely…being inspired. The extremely challenged athletes featured are absolutely incredible. Their physical strength alone is remarkable. Their grace, humility, and courage serve as an unspoken challenge to those of us who do not face the realities of their daily lives. I know I’m now much more aware of the need for gratitude and grace when faced with adversity.

X Ambassadors Renegades Official Video

I got Ryn Weaver’s The Fool album on a whim, while browsing my Amazon Music app. It can be a good place to discover new music, if you’re patient enough to go through stuff like New Music and Recommended For You, sometimes even $5 Albums. I got lucky when I bought this one.

Ryn Weaver has an interesting style and beautiful voice. Both are showcased in this video Ryn Weaver — The Fool ( Acoustic) . I glanced over some reviews that compared her to Heather Nova and Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine. I have to agree. She has that vibrato thing going too, though in a unique way.

This video is also cool because of the setting. It looks like an empty pool, which makes for unusual acoustics…pristine and expansive at once.

I like the album, but find some of it more produced than I typically care for, at times coming off as almost experimental. I wish I had an entire album of these unique acoustic versions. I see that there are more than one video on YouTube recorded in the same place, so I’ll have to dip into them more when I have a chance. No pun intended, believe it or not!

Ryn Weaver — The Fool (Acoustic)

This Vine is just too cute. I keep watching Winter the lamb come dancing down the hall when called, and it makes me smile every time. I’m not sure I’ve heard of a lamb as a pet before, but after seeing this I think it must be fun. I’m not likely to jump on the internet cats bandwagon, but just had to spread the lamb love.

Buying music on impulse can be a wonderful thing. So can sales on Amazon. That’s how I ended up with the soundtrack to a movie I haven’t seen…The Fault In Our Stars. I got it because Lykke Li has a song on it…No One Ever Loved. That’s very beautiful and led me to so much more, including the gorgeous All Our Stars by Ed Sheeran, the fun, catchy Boom Clap by Charli XCX, and the rest. I love the whole soundtrack. It’s Not About Angels that’s totally grabbed hold of my heart, though. Some songs will take me by surprise. Not content with just my ears, they become a full on emotional experience that takes mere earwormery to other levels. Birdy is an artist I’m just discovering and I expect to be enjoying her beautiful voice for a long time.

Birdy Not About Angels Video

The first time I saw this Sia video for Chandelier I was so caught up in watching the young dancer that I didn’t really hear the song. I’ve loved Sia’s music all the way back to Zero 7, and I really like this song, now that I’ve actually paid attention to it.

That girl, though…. Even in our world of constant, overwhelming entertainment, you just do not come across that level of talent every day. The only reality TV I watch is America’s Got Talent. So even though I don’t see all the interpretive dancers out there, I recognize a remarkably talented one when I stumble across a performance. It looks completely spontaneous, which means it’s probably meticulously choreographed.

Maybe it’s the hair, though it’s platinum not red. Or maybe it’s the stylized motions that give off a not quite one of us vibe. Whatever it is, something about the dancer reminds me of Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element. Ethereal, other worldly, and a little scary. Beautiful, though. The dancer, the song, and the video as a whole.

My favorite music video I’ve seen all year.