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What an amazing thing to stumble across in the middle of the night. I found it on Twitter, so why am I surprised? This video of blooming flowers set to music is breathtaking. An artistic flower lover’s dream, it perfectly displays the intricate, delicate beauty we sometimes take for granted. We are moved from unfolding flowers to the New York City skyline to the stars. A spellbinding treat for often jaded minds….and hearts…and, yes, even souls.

I can’t help it. This song, with or without its video, just makes me happy. I tend to fall in love with complicated, deep, even dark songs. This one is none of that. The lyrics are simple, the video is pretty and bouncy…a party of a video really.  Whatever mood I’m in, if I listen to it a time or ten, it turns me into a smiling, toe tappy happy, or happier, person. The world needs a whole lot more smiling, toe tappy goodness. As it is I take my happy place moments wherever I can find them.

The Lumineers Ho Hey Official Video