I thought Tomorrowland looked intriguing from the trailer, but had no solid idea what it was actually like. Obviously, there was a super cool futuristic world called Tomorrowland that George Clooney knew way more about that he was letting on…until he launched his bathtub…. That was  pretty much all I had to go on. Oh, and a teenage girl kept going there in flashes that eventually led her to the traveling bathtub. Okay, so I like the combination of cool and quirky!

From these images I had a vague idea that it was light and frothy and fun. And it was in part. Until it started getting dark and still and thought provoking. I had read somewhere that some people didn’t like the message of the movie. For quite some time I forgot all about that. Then the message kicked in, and I was a tiny bit annoyed that my frothiness had suddenly become heavy and deep.

As the movie played out, though, I became absorbed in its depth and the clever way it made me think so much, right in the middle of my presumed popcorn movie. The thing that rose above all else was that I found myself agreeing with the message. It seems all too heart breakingly, disturbingly plausible that humanity as a lumped together whole would be vulnerable to the power of suggestion, all wrapped up in technology and fun and disguised portents of doom. The more plausible something is, the more thinking about it can make you squirm. So gee, thanks, Mouse House, for interrupting my fun, futuristic adventure with…gasp!…you know…thinking! How dare you? How dare you not?

The weird little kid I used to be, who dreamed of the stars and the whole wide world and the future, never outgrew all of that. I’m one of those bizarre people who actually enjoys thinking. Call it a hobby of mine. Movies like Tomorrowland hit me right where I live, turning my head inside out when I’m not paying attention and then leaving me long after the credits roll to fix that…by thinking until my brain hurts.

In the meantime, while I’m trying to absorb what I’ve been watching, they slip a feelgood ending in there. It doesn’t get any better than that, for my movie watching sweet spot.

So, yes, thank you, dear Mouse House. For the deep thoughts, the hopeful finale…and the pleasure of watching George Clooney drudge through his own unfulfilled life, then navigate from the mundane through dystopia, and on into an interdimensional dreamscape of what just might be to come.

Tomorrowland turned out to be a good movie to watch Christmas weekend, with Doctor House, sans cane, Grinching his way out of our hearts. It even had a little girl not unlike Tiny Tim, learning hard truths a child should not be forced to face…if they were really a child….

If you’ll excuse me now, I feel a sudden urge to binge watch The Walking Dead, Terminator movies in all their incarnations….

Tomorrowland Official Trailer # 1