Futurama. Sigh. I have adored that animated mashup of histories past, present, and future from the moment Fry froze himself a one way trip to the far future. It makes me smile, laugh out loud, and on occasion even think.

In its odd everyman out way, Futurama provides stepping stones of pop culture and what iffy technology across the great divides separating generations. It can range from silly to poignant, with moments of intellectual sophistication. One moment it can make a viewer nostalgic for The Breakfast Club, the next wishing for a walkthrough virtual Internet, and always slightly befuddled at the way Professor Farnsworth is the young goofball Fry’s many generations worth of nephew. All while our collective Futurama loving brain carefully backs away from the pretzel twist that is Fry being his own grandpa, and thus the most important person in the universe. Impressive accomplishments for a delivery boy who eats Bachelor Chow for breakfast and lives in his bending unit bestie’s closet.

I was wary of the series finale (Is it? Is it, really?!). Sometimes the final moments of a beloved series are wonderful. Equally sometimes they are mediocre, at best. At the worst of times they make you wish you’d never started watching Los–…er, something you loved till it ruined itself for you in its final gasps, in the first place.

So, as I watched the end of Futurama, I kept second guessing it. Oh, NO! They’re actually going to kill–wait, it’s all good. Nooo! Surely they’re not going to–wait, it’s all good again. And it was. All good. Right on through the sweet and wonderful final line. And I love that it was followed by the very first episode.

Futurama–going out with style, indeed.

Until maybe, someday, possibly, perhaps we hear our beloved not quite right genius Professor announce:

Good news everyone…we’re back!


In the meantime we’ll always have Omicron Persei 8….

Sky One Futurama Promo 1999