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This NPR Story gives insight into Edouard Manet’s art as his life was winding toward his death at 51. Even though he was in terrible pain, he still managed to rise above it to create gorgeous paintings of flowers, fruit, and people. Perhaps not as perfect as in his younger days, his final works were glorious still. Sometimes delicate, often bold, and occasionally scandalous, these paintings remain an important part of his legacy. The article includes images of several of them. They serve not only as reminders of his great talent, but also his strength, perseverance, and devotion to his art.

I love books. New, old, borderline decayed. I’ve handled antique books in amazing places on three continents, including an antique bookstore in Nashville tucked into a nondescript strip mall and a sprawling display scattered throughout a castle ruin in Hay-on-Wye Wales. So how, literally on earth, is it that I’ve never even heard of, much less seen, the kinds of edge of page illustrations shown in these images ?

When I first started reading this article , I thought it meant painted on the actual flat collective edges. Then I finally got it and was stunned. Talk about hidden treasure!

Not only is the very concept too cool, but these delicately contrived pictures are actually gorgeous paintings. What an awesome idea. It’s like an extra gift to booklovers, and a special bonus to artlovers as well. I know I’ll be caught awkwardly holding books from now on, trying to see if a work of art not made from words lurks at the edge of every page.