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I’ve been sidelined by a wrecked back. The kind that’s so bad it makes walking an ordeal. More than a decade ago I injured a muscle in my lower back, lifting an old style computer monitor. After the fact I found out they weigh about forty pounds. No wonder I actually felt the muscle tear. I was incapacitated for weeks, wanting tomato soup and toast daily, for some reason unknown. I had an old cane that my aunt used when she broke her leg, and used it to hobble to the bathroom. I still have the cane. Still use it, though the hobble isn’t quite as bad this time. Probably due to the absence of muscle spasms. Those things would sideline a moose. This time pasta with an excess of shredded parm loaded on is my food of choice, liberally interspersed with chocolate and ice cream, and tomato or avocado sandwiches. My palette has apparently shifted over the years.

Other than struggling to stand (and hobble) sufficiently to acquire food and make necessary trips down the short hall that seems at least a mile long these
days to the bathroom, I’m mostly only good for sitting and staring at the TV. I’ve gotten through a bunch of movies. I’ll do a roundup or something about the best of them in time.

At the moment I’ve used up a big quota of my concentration ability on writing a few hundred words of my zombie story last night. It’s an unfamiliar struggle to write, since my mom died in July, so a few hundred words is a real accomplishment right now. Yes, I am aware of the irony. I started that story in the spring, just because I wanted to try something different. Unfortunate timing, but I want to finish it before starting something else…or going back to my serial killer script. Oddly, I think zoning on the Walking Dead marathon this week shoved me back into the world of the living, breathing writer I am, since it dragged zombies right up to the front of my mind again. I should just call this the year of death.

So how did I hurt my back this time? It would be funny, if it hadn’t ruined at least two solid weeks of my life.  I try to do a Travel Tuesday pic on Twitter every week. A couple of weeks ago it was this one I titled Scenic Roadside New Mexico.


It was in an old photo album of a lot of cross country trip pictures. Old and big and heavy. Without thinking, I grabbed it up with one hand and carried it around. There was at least one twist in there somewhere. It took a day for the pain to kick in. I’d gone to a Chinese buffet and went inside fine. When I got up to hit the buffet, I suddenly could barely walk. What the–? Took me a couple of days to figure it out.

This weird, suddenly destroyed back thing runs through the women on my mom’s side. Her sister had a terrible episode once, finally got it better, only to sneeze and cripple herself again. I’ve learned to brace wherever I am when I feel a sneeze coming on, to the point of once almost taking down a section of metal CD racks at Walmart. A weird, bad back can be a hazard to more than one’s personal…person.


I managed last week’s Travel Tuesday, despite my own personal faux zombie apocalypse (more than once I thought of how my painful shuffling gait was like a Walker parody). This White Peacock on Oahu one didn’t involve heavy lifting.

Here’s Today’s Travel Tuesday pic, while I’m on the subject. A beautiful and dramatic hillside vineyard near the Mosel River in Germany.


I’m hoping this forced break from normal life will reboot me back to a long term more normal life, after the disruptive, surreal, and heartbreaking years of living life through the lens of my mom’s long journey through Alzheimer’s. I miss her every day, but emerging from that period of our lives is like walking into bright sunshine, after living in a cave.

I have a lot of Hawaii pictures, mostly of Oahu, quite a few of The Big Island, some of Maui, and a few of Molokai. While looking through some today, I picked out some of my favorites I took on Oahu for a long overdue Random Images post.

This one was taken on The North Shore.


I love the contrast of sea and sky, darkness and light. The molten look of light on water is like a minor homage to the volcanic nature of the islands.


The Blow Hole is one of the, sights tourists flock to. It’s exciting to wait for the next time it shoots its plume of water toward the sky, and everyone goes home with the perfect souvenir of their time on the island. Occasionally, people take chances in their quest to experience the Blow Hole. They get too curious, get too close, fall in, and get sucked into the lava tube that gives the hole its name. Very dangerous, for a place of such beauty. On the other hand, patient camera wielders may capture a rainbow in the mists of the plume. Oddly, I saw them, but they were too gloriously fleeting for me to bring one home with me.


This iconic landmark need no introduction. Diamond Head is perhaps the first image that comes to mind at mention of Hawaii. Well, maybe after hula girls. Whether seen up close, so that it towers over Waikiki or from a distance, framed by waving palms and the blue Pacific, there is no sight more quintessentially Hawaiian than this huge volcano crater. I’ve seen it from the outside, the inside, and from out at sea. There is no bad view of this impressive natural wonder.


I can’t recall exactly where along Oahu’s many iles of varied beaches this one was taken. I’m almost positive it was on the Leeward Side, but that’s as close as I can get. All I’m sure of is that it’s one of my favorite shoreline shots I took there. It really illustrates the power of nature, as well as the incredible beauty waiting around every turn, of every Hawaiian island.

Now, here’s the weirdpart. I’m experimenting with taking pictures of prints with my phone, instead of scanning with my computer and printer. The above image of waves hitting rocks was enhanced by the phone’s camera and the contrast improved. Honestly, I was just playing with settings and this happened.

Here’s the original, taken when I wasn’t messing with settings.


This darker, moodier shot of Hawaiian twilight has always been one of my favorites I took there. Sure, the lighter version makes the scene look more photogenic and shows more detail. It also washes out the haunting beauty of the actual moment I stood there, watching the Pacific do to the islands what it’s done for eons. Along with the deeper, truer shades of a Hawaiian twilight, the enhancement removed the generation of the memory that comes when I look at the original. Both make me want to go back there. Only one makes me feel, for an instant, as if I have.