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I watched Letters to Juliet in the wee hours last night when I couldn’t sleep. Extra movie watching is an actual perk of insomnia, and this movie is a perk of being a movie lover. It’s the kind of thing that thrills the heart of a romantic and may even stir the creaky heartstrings of an entrenched cynic.

It tells the story of a young woman who stumbles upon a band of women in Verona who answer letters written by the broken hearted to Shakespeare’s shattered heroine, Juliet. Enchanted, she become a temporary Juliet herself and answers a fifty year old letter.

Her own letter sets in motion a chain of events that changes lives and regenerates a passion that spans half a century. It’s a glorious story told against an Italian backdrop that looks as if it’s painted by a master’s hand. Which it is, with that master being nature and culture and the human heart.

Vanessa Redgrave plays the woman who wrote the fifty year old letter. Her chracter’s lost love is played by Franco Nero, her own love, lost and found. This People Magazine article tells the story of their meeting as Guinevere and Lancelot, in the movie Camelot (one that I’ve long loved) and on through their tale of decades spent apart followed by a reconnecting and rekindling of romance.

So when I watched this movie to see my favorite actress, I not only enjoyed the wonderful performance I expected. I also saw a movie that resonated as a beautiful story and on into real life through heartstrings connected to the past of not only film history but also the promise that love may indeed endure and it really is never too late for hope and dreams and love.

Letters to Juliet Official Trailer

Unlike the small bowl I posted about a while back, this is actually Murano Glass. Also unlike the other one, I really am not sure exactly what it’s supposed to be.


A bit too shallow for an easily usable bowl, it’s certainly not a tray. I’ve thought of using it as a place to casually toss mail, but that would be like using one of those lovely ragged tulips as an ersatz feather duster. I’ve about decided it is simply, deservedly…a piece of glass, liberally swirled through with purple, created to be admired for its beauty, graceful form, and the talent of the distant unnamed artist who crafted it.


It looks entirely different in different light, with a purple background.


Detail of a section of the intricate design.

Sometimes I’m amazed that such beautiful things from far away can be found at stores where you expect to see shoes, clothes, even dog accessories. I’m always on the lookout for imported glass.

Mostly Italian, but I sometimes go for a piece made in China or India if it’s beautiful enough. Smaller objects such as pendants or paperweights tend to not show flaws as blatantly as a large vase or bowl. Usually though I’m drawn to Murano glass, hand blown on a Venitian island by the most gifted glass artists in the world.

This small bowl recently caught my eye. The tag said it was hand decorated in Tuscany, with no indication where the glass was made. I walked away initially, but went back for it before leaving the store. Something so beautiful for under ten dollars proved ultimately irresistible. And since it does have an Italian connection it fits right in with my Murano glass.