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As soon as I saw the headline of this article, my brain started screaming: Impossible!

No matter how much we may have spent our Star Trek loving years dreaming of an honest to goodness, real life replicator, the concept seemed so far beyond possible that it still lives just outside the realm of possibility.

It’s moved!

Now, according to this article, the impossible may be right around the corner. And in a machine the size of a coffee maker, instead of a wall size apparatus hidden behind the magic food slot. I can’t say I understand the descriptions of  pods and tubes and natural dehydrated ingredients yet. Just as I didn’t understand a thing about microwave ovens when I first got one, except that I could have a baked potato in a few minutes instead of watching one hiss and spit through the glass door of a toaster oven for an agonizing hour or so. What I do understand already about this replicator thingie is the all important information that it will make me chocolate soufflé on demand. One that even chefs can’t find fault with.

And that seems to be just the tip of this culinary iceberg miracle. Not only will it free me to enjoy home replicated food instead of slaving over a not hot microwave oven, it will leave me convinced that a transporter will soon whisk me to any place my wanderlust desires.

Two to beam up, Mister Scott. Me and my chocolate soufflé.

I didn’t advance to the Page Awards Semi-finals. This is the same screenplay that was a Page Awards Semi-finalist last year.

I don’t understand this kind of thing, and I don’t feel snappy-brained enough at the moment to dig deeper. Being sick for a week certainty dulls down a person’s analytical abilities.  Makes disappointment less disappointing too.

For the moment…. Crushed? Absolutely. Somewhere on the sliding scale between Coarsely Ground and Finely Pulverized. Don’t worry, the extreme end on the Crushinator’s (Futurama references cheer me up) Crush-O-Meter is Liquifacation, and that requires Super Fund like cleanup, involving unicorns, rainbows, and enough chocolate to cause a minor shortage crisis among the obscure Godiva tribe of East Upper West Chocophyladelphia. I’m nowhere near that. I wouldn’t mind some Godiva Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate right about now, though…salted caramel toffee…mmmm…oops, mixing my Matt Groeningisms. Time to go drink some juice and hope I don’t have a fever dream about the Crushinator and Homer Simpson.

And this, my friends, is why I try not to write fiction when I am sick. It’s no time to attempt to introduce a new sub, sub, sub genre: Slipstream Mashup Tangential Word Black Hole.