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Until recently I didn’t know Art Glass lamps existed. Probably a good thing for my pocketbook. I saw this one at Pier 1 months ago, but $100 was more than I was comfortable paying. Especially for something I could easily drop in the store parking lot and shatter into Art Glass particles.

A few days ago I went in and there it glowed, beckoning me closer. Beckoning even more strongly, like a static blinking neon sign, was the clearance price tag.

In keeping with most glass, it looks different in different light. Which makes it extremely decorative, as well as functional.


An unexpected bonus I didn’t realize until I got it home is that its colors go perfectly with the purples and blues of the upholstery of my greatgrandmother’s Victorian Fainting Bed that just happens to be conveniently near the lamp table set to be its new home. 


Sometimes my Art Glass obsession threatens to get me into trouble. Like when I covet a pricey piece of too fragile beauty. But then, when all my shopping stars align just right, my love of bargain hunting intervenes. So, now my living room will be brightened not just by the turn of a switch, but also the kind of accessible beauty that transforms an otherwise simple lamp into an extraordinary work of art.


Every time I think I will never see a more beautiful piece of art glass, I am surprised by a vision of color, design, and artistic grace. 

My love of Italian Glass, gorgeous objects, and of course all things purple led to this vase coming home with me as a gift to myself. It was a bit pricier than my usual finds, but it was on sale and irresistible. I would probably have bought it anyway, because it’s such a life enhancer to own things that make us happy every time we look at them. 

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The most recent addition to my collection of beautiful glass.


I wander the glass aisle at Goodwill, thumping potential treasures to see if they sound the music of fine crystal, and sometimes something like this wine glass comes home with me for 99 cents.


In regular daylight it looks lightly golden, as if kissed by sunlight. Angled in artificial light, it seems partially filled with congnac, inviting a sip.


Against a darker backdrop it looks opaque and other.


Here it simply shines as a work of art.


But then….

….but then with the assistance of a mundane flashlight in a dark room, it seems to reflect its own corner of the comos.

A remarkable find that displays the many faces of its beauty, and plays its own music at a simple touch.

Unlike the small bowl I posted about a while back, this is actually Murano Glass. Also unlike the other one, I really am not sure exactly what it’s supposed to be.


A bit too shallow for an easily usable bowl, it’s certainly not a tray. I’ve thought of using it as a place to casually toss mail, but that would be like using one of those lovely ragged tulips as an ersatz feather duster. I’ve about decided it is simply, deservedly…a piece of glass, liberally swirled through with purple, created to be admired for its beauty, graceful form, and the talent of the distant unnamed artist who crafted it.


It looks entirely different in different light, with a purple background.


Detail of a section of the intricate design.

Sometimes I’m amazed that such beautiful things from far away can be found at stores where you expect to see shoes, clothes, even dog accessories. I’m always on the lookout for imported glass.

Mostly Italian, but I sometimes go for a piece made in China or India if it’s beautiful enough. Smaller objects such as pendants or paperweights tend to not show flaws as blatantly as a large vase or bowl. Usually though I’m drawn to Murano glass, hand blown on a Venitian island by the most gifted glass artists in the world.

This small bowl recently caught my eye. The tag said it was hand decorated in Tuscany, with no indication where the glass was made. I walked away initially, but went back for it before leaving the store. Something so beautiful for under ten dollars proved ultimately irresistible. And since it does have an Italian connection it fits right in with my Murano glass.