Another in a long line of things that just appear before me on Twitter, and make me love it just a little more. Without the magic of Twitter, I could very well have gone my whole life without hearing what Pi sounds like. That would be a loss to my life’s collection of cool things.

What Pi sounds like starts as a video that seems simple. Numbers assigned to music that is then played. Pretty, as well as cool. As it progresses more and more combinations of instruments are added, until the melody becomes charmingly complex. By the end it has been a beautiful listening and thinking experience.

Since I don’t play any musical instruments, and I have interest in mathematics, but little real understanding, What Pi sounds like for me is all about abstract, elusive concepts and a nonmusician’s appreciation of a beautiful melody that I know has unseen layers deep beneath its surface. As it turns out, that’s more than enough to make it a thrill to listen to much more than once.