I always enjoy stuff like this. Also  always, I take the “you musts” of the interwebs with a pound of salt, because I firmly believe that every writer has their own unique way of doing their thing. If every person out in the wide, wide world with an insatiable itch to write tried to do every single aspect according to what someone says they must do, they’d likely lose their creative drives, along with portions great and small of their minds.

There’s an awesome infographic with daily word counts of famous authors, along with quotes about their process. Some of the low numbers are encouraging to less prolific writerly souls, while a couple are alarmingly over 10k. I’m not sure how anybody short of Superman could maintain 10k daily writathons long term. There’s not that much coffee or chocolate available to the average consumer to force a human body to keep pace with that schedule. Maybe human alien hybri– (Sorry. Loving the X-Files Revival a little too much.)

Still, it’s interesting to ponder the whys and hows and just how manys of such a diverse group of writers. I really like that the numbers are so diverse too. It’s obvious that each writing at their own pace worked out pretty well for these authors, with their instantly recognizable names.