I came across this article recently and I’m finding it really useful. I’ve been looking it over when I’m trying to decide where to send stories next. It’s great to have not only links to publications, but also information about which magazines charge a fee to submit electronically. Ever since literary magazines began taking online submissions, I became aware that many of them charge a fee to use the system.

The reasoning used to be that you would spend that much on paper, ink, and postage,  but, now that it’s no longer a novelty and some charge well more than hard copy submission costs, it doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve never paid submission fees. I’d rather take the time required to assemble and mail a submission, than deal with more online tedium.

Plus, while a $3 fee doesn’t seem too bad compared to escalating mailing costs, I was kind of shocked that some journals charge $20+. For one electronic submission. I can certainly understand how it would help with their publication costs and keep the volume of submissions more manageable, but I can’t see a silver lining…or logic…in an author paying so much. Especially with the competition being so fierce that for many it amounts to paying for a rejection.

This list is helping me decide where to submit, and whether it will be electronically or the snail route. Anything that makes my submissions process easier is a valuable tool.