The Quarter Finalist announcement came some time ago, but this is the kind of thing where it takes time for me to feel like writing about it. Actually, I never feel like writing about this kind of result. However, since I’ve been doing it whether my result is good, not so good, or in this case extremely unpleasant….

I didn’t make the Quarter Finals.

Miss High Hopes here expected to. Not without good reason. My science fiction script has done well in other competitions. Particularly The Page Awards (Semifinalist once, Quarter Finalist twice). Also, this is the first time I’ve completely washed out of a competition in years, with zero recognition of any kind.

Do I understand how that happens? No. I know it does to other people all the time and apparently precedent has no bearing on any given competition, with any given script, so now it’s happened to me. One thing I’ve learned about the potential for success in both screenwriting and fiction is that there is no logic to any of it. Maybe there should be an offshoot of all things written run by Vulcans….

I’ve run the gamut of reactions. I’ve felt like quitting. I’ve tried to figure out a better way. I’ve tried to ignore my in progress screenplay. It wouldn’t let me. I’ve just tonight started working on it again. I still love doing it. Darn it.

So I’ll have script number five in the can eventually. And enter it in competitions, come what may.

It’s what I do.