Heather Nova is one of those amazing singer songwriters I was fortunate to stumble across in the days of yore, when brick and mortar music stores abounded and impulse music buying was at its peak. I liked to roam the alternative aisles, sometimes accompanied by my favorite sales guy, who was so tall looking up at him while he enthused about some music he was sure I would like would make my neck hurt. He was almost always right about the music, though. That personal interaction with like minded music lovers is something I really miss, now that music shopping online has become my norm.

The day I discovered Heather Nova I was on my own, wandering the aisles, perusing covers as I flipped through CDs. The pretty green of her Siren cover art jumped out at me and unwittingly I made what turned out to be a very wise purchase.

Falling in love with Siren led to falling in love with Oyster. The combination of her ethereal voice and gorgeous evocative lyrics became part of my personal soundtrack for my writing. I can hear Walk This World, Truth and Bone, Winter Blue, and Paper Cup still and be taken right to specific characters and plots. I love that entanglement of writing and music so much. It’s one of the things that make writing/screenwriting such a joy.

I was disappointed when it became harder to find Heather Nova’s CDs. Even the all knowing hive mind known as Amazon music didn’t have much, except for foreign releases that were either unavailable or unacceptably expensive. She did a couple more I was able to get, but as she grew into her talent a lot of her music had segued from the raw beauty of those two beloved albums into more polished mainstream sounds.

Fast forward to a few days ago, when I did a periodic check of my Amazon music app’s search engine, in case she had something new. Ta da! This time she did!

Enter The Way It Feels. Of course I bought it immediately. At first I thought it was going to be another one with the best of her sometimes ragged vibrato filed smoother than I would like. Then I got to The Archeologist .  I can’t stop listening to it. Though not raw and visceral like Blood of Me, it still has that element of unique beauty that made me love her music so much in the first place.

There are other songs on The Way It Feels in a similar vein, but I haven’t been able to drag my ears away from The Archeologist for long enough to truly appreciate them. For now, I’m content to let that one wash over my soul to inspire me and also to simply make me happy to have new Heather Nova music to be as thrilled with as I was the first time I listened to Siren and Oyster.

I think I’m going to have to try to find some of those obscure recordings she did on a tropical island that were released in Australia, and see what gems they may hold. I have to say that Siren was a very apt title for that early album.

Heather Nova — The Archeologist (Live)