Just when I think Nikola Tesla can’t get any cooler, this article comes along. Not only was he the blazingly brilliant inventor who fought with Edison over the AC vs DC question, got one upped by Marconi in the race to become the acknowledged inventor of the radio, and wanted to send electricity through the air to us all, it turns out he was also ahead of his time on ideas about women’s intelligence and capability.

It’s no surprise, since the more you learn about Tesla, the more you find out how far into the future his insights reached. Now I find out that he believed women were equal in the smarts department and coming technology would level the field between the sexes. It makes sense that it would provide more equal opportunities, but Tesla takes the importance of emerging tech like wireless communication and what turns out to be our current life of connectivity to the extreme of thinking it will unleash levels of intellect that had long been suppressed in women. Sort of a retro and futuristic version of “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”. In the case of Tesla’s ideas “Baby” is…us and “Nobody” is both men and the broader world of society. He believed it was a matter of time, aided by the technology that would open up the world in ways most people could never imagine.

Nikola Tesla was far from being most people. He was the everyman of a better world. As I’ve said before…if only he had lived to see us now.