Three years ago today I started this blog. It was a blind leap. No, actually, it was a blog impaired leap of faith in my love of writing, screenwriting, movies, music, books, photography and the many inspiring, funny, happy, sad, tragic glorious things life brings us every single day. I wanted a place where I can write about whatever is on my mind or captures my attention at any given time, and interact with other people interested in those things too. That’s exactly what Dreams of the Purple Koala has become.

Why do I choose the words blog impaired? That’s a story that really belongs in a Glitcherella post. However, it’s crucial to the reason I was hesitant to start another blog.

Yes, I had a blog before this one. Had being the operative word. It was on Posterous, which no longer exists. Blog or  hosting site itself. After I’d been there a couple of years, Posterous was bought by Twitter. Not too long after that it was shut down. My debut blog was titled Ephemuria, and was a sort of magazine of me that I really enjoyed putting together. Fortunately, I saved all my posts there. I’ve posted a few here…a couple of flash fictions, essay type things, poems and photographs. I may do an eBook of the material that went into that blog someday.

The reason it left me feeling blog impaired no matter how much I enjoyed doing it is that other than friends and family I gave the URL to it never got a single outside visitor, view, like, or comment. Years of climbing the walls around the publishing and screenwriting worlds made that kind of rejection easier to handle than it would have been otherwise, but it was difficult.

I’m almost positive the lack of activity was caused by a glitch (of course) in the setting up process. I kept getting ahead of the prompts and could tell something wasn’t right, but I never found a way to make sure it was visible to the greater web, though I tried whatever I could whenever I could. Even though I was almost positive that was the problem, it did a bit of a number on my confidence. All those lined up zeros over the life of a blog are impossible to ignore, regardless of the cause. (Early on I thought it was going well when I racked up 600 views pretty fast. Then there was a notice saying they would no longer be counting bots…zap…zero time)

It took me some time to be willing to try again. I eventually researched hosting sites and decided WordPress was the place to give it another try. In the middle of the night three years ago, I set up Purple Koala on my phone. Not the best way to do it. Especially when my battery ran out and I had to finish hunched on the end of the couch, tethered awkwardly by the too short charging cord.

It wasn’t easy to put myself out there again after my Posterous fiasco. It’s still not easy at times, because I don’t know how the activity this one gets compares to “normal”. What I do know is that it compares wonderfully against my previous experience.

In the three years it’s existed, Dreams of the Purple Koala has had 1,985 views (approximately, since I can’t find an overall view counter after the latest app update), 189 followers, and at last notification some time ago 500 Likes. While these are not earth shaking numbers, I’m sure, they mean a lot to me. Especially after my previous blogging experience. They have reaffirmed my faith in my love of writing and thinking and dreaming.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to my followers, to everyone who has stopped by in passing to take a look at a single post, to those who have commented and interacted, and for the Likes that warm my little purple heart. I’d love more comment activity, so feel free to leave a single comment or start a conversation, if something catches your attention.

I hope you all enjoy learning and living and dreaming with me.