I watched Jupiter Ascending last night. What I’m left with now is more a mental montage of images, thoughts, ideas, and feelings than a coherent story to ponder. While I was watching I was aware of the plot and how it played out, but there was just so much going on onscreen that the finer points were buried.

That’s not to say I didn’t like it. I did. There was a lot to enjoy. The FX and cinematography were striking, the cast was solid, and the through line of the story compelling. I got it because Sean Bean is in it and was not disappointed in any way by his performance. Channing Tatum has really grown on me over the years. He’s a solid leading man now…and looks great with pointed ears! Mila Kunis was good, as well. She looked really beautiful in the elaborate wedding costume, though the pale purple dress was my favorite piece of clothing of the entire movie. Perhaps it was a little too Oscar ready for the setting, but it was really pretty. And I am partial to purple, you know.

There were some serious issues at the root of Jupiter Ascending. The idea of the earth being owned was disturbing. Even moreso that in the framework of this particular story it was a farm for the time stretching properties of juiced humans. One of my favorite things was the way that after her unexpected rise to royalty and ending up owning her homeworld, Jupiter went back to her old life, humbled and appreciative. That she also had a secret space age elf lord for a boyfriend and a pair of her own flying boots was the icing. Forget hoverboards in our time. I want those boots!

The thing about the fight, fight, fight imagery overload is that, for me at least, I start to get imaginary worlds battle fatigue. Don’t get me wrong. I love science fiction and action movies, ships, aliens, their cities, and landscapes. Always have. Always will. I just regret the way new movies often forget that just because you have awesome new technology that gets awesomer with every passing second you don’t have to cram every bit of it into one movie. George Lucas Syndrome. We all know what I’ms a talking about, don’t we, JarJar? I need more moments like the pristine snowfields of Hoth, marred only by the palpable heat and stench of a life saving eviscerated steed to rest my eyes and my mind from the frenetic, flaming image jammed background of the alien worlds where I live for the duration of a movie.

However, throw in Sean Bean, with hidden scars from the wings taken from his back, and that’s all the subtle, angst ridden mind and eye rest I need. Though I would have loved to see him fly briefly across a solitary sky.

Jupiter Ascending certainly provided a jam packed Entertainment O’rama. Not to mention a brief and subtle answer to where crop circles come from. I have a feeling that a second watch might provide more little did-I-really-see-that gems…if I can get my eyes to stay off the cool, shiny ships…and boots…for long enough to notice.

Jupiter Ascending Trailer #1 US