I didn’t have to mourn the loss of the Mumford and Sons sound I love so much for long. My Aussie friend with great taste in music came through with another perfect CD for my birthday. She’ll email saying to send a list of a few for her to pick from, and Vance Joy was my top choice. I cannot get enough of his big hit song Riptide, but the whole CD (Dream Your Life Away) is awesome.

If Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers had an Australian child, it would be Vance Joy. He has a really nice voice and a great sound. All the songs on the CD have a noticeably unique sound, all of it Aussie musical goodness. Funny thing is that this time I didn’t realize the catchy yet haunting song of the video I kept seeing on middle of the night music television was a new addition to my Australian music obsession. Now I know that and that Riptide is breaking Australian music records. Good for him. I hope he’s around for many albums to come.

This video is such a cool unplugged version of Riptide. Vance Joy, a ukulele, and his heartfelt words.