Some articles stand out from the Internet usuals. I find a gem like Christina in red
A girl at the beach, one year before WWI such a thrill to devour, my gaze eagerly leaping from one stunning image to the next.

I didn’t even realize color photography like this existed so long ago, but it did and the photographer made the most of it.  Bright red is such a dramatic hue. It stands out beautifully against the wash of neutral tones and watercolor subtlety of the young girl’s seaside backdrop.

Unlike in modern images arranged to evoke the past, there’s something about authentic historical images that’s strikingly…other. The drape of clothing and hair, the silhouette of body and features…unmistakably Edwardian. The time of the Titanic, Downton Abbey’s timeframe, and the cusp of the Great War all live as background music to everyday lives. A walk on a beach, posing by a pool, a father lovingly capturing beautiful images of a daughter hovering between girlishness and womanhood. And inadvertently he captures a world hovering between innocence and horrific, world changing war.

I keep going back to look at the pictures and imagine the feel of the shale beneath her feet, the sea spray against her skin, the pale warm sunlight of a day stopped in time to be marveled over for generations to come. All thanks to the Internet that had not yet been invented.