Turns out insomnia is good for something. Again with the middle of the night new music discovery. And again it’s Australian music, as I find out when I go digging online for information.

This time it’s a gorgeous music video that catches my attention, and then I notice that these girls can really sing. They’re twin sisters, with beautiful voices and an eye for high style. The Veronicas are obviously capable of musical greatness.

You Ruin Me is both breathtaking and disturbing. It’s lush loveliness overlies an ugly story of control and abuse. It makes you think about how awful life can be for anyone of any walk of life, even as the ballet scenes mesmerize.

I’ll be looking further into their music. What I’ve sampled so far indicates that they do a lot of more poppy stuff, with some pared down ballads as well. I tend to prefer the latter, but with this much tallent on display I’ll probably try an album with a mix of both.

The Veronicas–You Ruin Me