This People Magazine article about Anthony Hopkins’ painter side gives a fascinating look into the prolific actor’s work as an artist. He offers insights and anecdotes about how he came to be interested in painting and some of his inspirations.

As much as I’d love to own one of his paintings, the price is well out of my league. I’ve Googled his art, though. There’s much to see and enjoy that way. I love his use of vibrant color. His work is more sophisticated than another artist I admire, Ken Done, but they share a gift for using shape and pigment to evoke powerful imagery. While I think the more abstract of Hopkins’ pieces are intriguing, it’s the few landscapes I’ve seen that really attract me. Serene, yet supplying a sense of movement to the imagination, they invite the mind to visit the scene depicted.

I hope to view Anthony Hopkins’ work in a gallery someday. I’m certain it would provide a feast for the eyes and a thrill for any fan of this gifted actor, painter, and musician.