What if? A two word language spoken by writers, for as long as people have been   plotting stories. The BBC America series Intruders makes serious use of that language to present a concept that invites the viewer to try to unravel its complex threads, while surface levels occupy the mind with an entertaining story.

What if each body houses more than one soul? What if a dormant soul can be triggered into dominance? What if a ruthless killer finds himself navigating a renewal of life, urges and evils intact, housed in the body of a nine year old girl?

These are major threads running through this intriguing series based on the novel by Michael Marshall Smith, and elaborated on by the genius mind of creator and showrunner Glen Morgan.
I’ve been following Glen Morgan’s career since I fell in love with his wonderful, genre imploding series Space: Above and Beyond. His work inspires me, some times freaks me out to varying degrees, occasionally scares me half to
death, and always makes me think.

With Intruders he makes me think sideways. We’re all familiar with concepts such as reincarnation, secret societies, loss, love, and world altering pain, but Intruders takes familiar ideas and turns them on their heads just enough to make me watch for the entertainment, even as a part of my brain ponders things so intellectually stimulating that it can be uncomfortable. In a good way. The rare show that forces my brain to really work is a show I won’t quickly forget.

Morgan wrote all eight of the episodes, some with his brother Darin Morgan, others with his wife Kristen Cloke. Each one adds a new facet to the entire puzzle, that concludes in a fascinating way that begs for more seasons.

One of the most stunning aspects of this series is the preternatural talent of young actress Millie Brown. Her performance as Madison housing the much older, very very bad man who controls her body is outstanding. I look forward to watching her as she ages and her considerable talent continues to grow.

I also look forward to more Intruders. Hopefully there will be seasons to come. After all, what goes around comes around….