There’s some weird something going around that’s worse than a cold, but not exactly the flu. It doesn’t start with a sore throat or come with aches or even a high fever. It suddenly hits hard and causes scary coughing. It is debilitating and does not want to end. I’ve had it since before Christmas, but can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. Meaning I still don’t feel great, but think I just might be normal again. Eventually. Not a fun way to spend the holidays or start a new year. It does explain why I seemed to have fallen off the face of the blog.

Intrepid brain tried valiantly to venture forth, but common sense prevailed. For a time. While I was really sick, half asleep, and possibly somewhat dehydrated, I had what seemed like a great idea for a blog post.

The phrase “Life is like a yoyo.” chased itself around in my head, trailing odd bits of ideas and “wisdom”. You’d think it would all have centered around the trite and obvious “Life is like a yoyo. It has its ups and downs.” But, no. It tried very hard to be cool and philosophical.

There was a bit about a half green, half red wooden yoyo I got for Christmas when I was little. I knew other kids could make similar toys do tricks like Walk the Dog and Around the World. I’d seen it on TV, so it must be true. Either I was not that talented, or I got a bum yoyo. All I ever accomplished was making it go up and down a few times, before jerking to a halt and hanging there like small dead weight. Instead of Walk the Dog, I’d killed my frustratingly inert wooden pet. Any attempt at Around the World was downright dangerous. All I ever managed was beaning myself on the head or in the face. No elegantly whirling ersatz satellite for me. I wondered if the fancy, light up yoyos (also seen on TV…in the hands of those yoyo phenoms, I tried to emulate) were the key. Exciting yoyo = exciting successful tricks.

That’s as far as my sick of being sick brain got with that. It sidetracked off onto a musing attempt to link the simplicity or elaborate nature of our lives to how much quality of life and success might result from each. That didn’t advance as far as needed for coherence, but that little hitch didn’t stop my brain from trying to compare levels of creativity, talent, and success to how fancy a yoyo spun through one’s childhood.

Yep. I was pretty darned sick for a while there.

It seemed as if I pondered all this with an alarming depth of sincerity for hours, but I think at least part of it plowed through
a partial dream state. Maybe I had more fever than I thought….

At some blessed point I realized that I needed rest more than a new blog post and went to sleep. Frighteningly, this mishmash of ideas trampled across my gray matter several more times, before I started feeling better enough to come to my senses and realize there really is no correlation between the quality of one’s childhood yoyo and later quality of life or talent.

Since I’ve been feeling noticeably better, I’ve had an entire (coherent) plot for a new story pop into my head. Plus a crucial bit of development for the one I was working on before I got sick. This reassures me that my ability to think clearly has survived intact.

The whole thing serves to remind me of why I don’t even try to write fiction or screenplays when I’m sick beyond a mild cold. My brain is always a bit of an eccentric word factory. When I’m sick it can be downright bizarre. I’m just glad I didn’t end up with a cough fueled novella titled The Princess and Her Bedazzled Yoyo.