As I was searching for music, so I could choose a few albums for an Australian friend to pick one from to give me for Christmas (her very cool idea), I found this massive 2014 release schedule that is as comprehensive as it gets. Many familiar bands and singer/songwriters, plus a huge number that I’ve never heard of. I’ve barely begun to check them out, but already several are landing on my “of interest” list. I’m not sure why I love Aussie music so much. Probably because I love the country itself, and the people, and the food…oh, and the accent! The music, including native instrument the didgeridoo of course, often has the unique flavor of the land. Sometimes the singer’s accent comes through, which makes it that much better. People are always talking about how much of Hollywood’s great talent comes from Australia, but the incredibly talent packed music scene is rarely mentioned. Armed with a list like this, it’s easy to dip into the bounty and see what Aussie music has to offer.