*SPOILERS* (You know the drill. If you don’t want to know what happened on The Walking Dead tonight, don’t read this post. Run away screaming instead.)

Too bad some characters didn’t run away screaming. Of course, that’s not what our walker fighting heroes do, now is it? Nope. They stand up to the bad guys, be they walkers/rotters or bad cops…or evil faux governors who rock an eye patch with some measure of panache. They fight until they drop. Make that until they are dropped. And dropped they are.

Particularly that plucky Greene family. In a post right after Hershel was dramatically beheaded by the Governor, I expressed my displeasure at being gutted to such an extent by a TV show. Hershel was one of the reasons I looked forward to TWD. It really…okay, it made me mad that my entertainment of choice had the ability to blindside me that badly and literally hurt me. Even as I acknowledged the incredible talent of writers with the ability to do that. At first I didn’t even want to watch the show anymore. I know, right? Silly me. I did, of course.

Now they’ve done it to me again! And it’s another Green, no less. Sadly, Hershel’s youngest daughter. We watched her grow from beloved young Bethie to a walker bashing sort of Sarah Connor junior. I started liking her more and more recently, especially during the time she spent with Daryl. Beth became one of my favorite characters. Which seems to be in danger of becoming a character death knell. So now she’s gone.

Literally a jawdropper of a moment. Did not expect it. At all. Now, though, I think perhaps I will. For a while, anyway. I mean, they’re running out of Greenes. I doubt Maggie will be next, because they seem to be on a roll with making her suffer loss and grief, recover somewhat…wash, rinse, repeat. So I’ll be watching out for Greene-by-romantic-relationship Glenn to take some horrific head related fatal injury. Only after Maggie is put through an emotional wringer once again, will I expect some new head related horror to befall her.

Until then I think it’s time for some Christmas movies that should act as a horrified viewer palate cleanser. The Nightmare Before Christmas, anyone?