I just read this Variety article , and write with a smile. The smile is pulled down a bit at the sides, by sadness over the extinguishing of the incomparable bright light that was actress/singer/one of a kind human being, Elaine Stritch. There’s just no getting around the way her vibrant personality can uplift, even as it sometimes grates. She seems such a contradiction. This article resonates with us all as we ponder the inevitability of mortality, and yet Ms. Stritch moves us with her wry acceptance of her own approaching final hours.

I never actually saw her in full performances. Just a song or two here and there, in some tribute consisting of Broadway greats, or a passing moment of acting on TV, yet it seems as if I’ve always known who she was and admired her talent. Whenever I watched her sing, she didn’t strike me as an overwhelmingly talented singer. It was as if she was a uniquely talented actor, portraying a gifted singer so well that the singer she projected herself through was perceived as a talented singer who could also act. Now, that is an incredible gift.

The article’s account of her passage through the making of a documentary of which she was the subject, paralleling her courageous passage through the end of her own life is moving and enlightening and ultimately uplifting. It made me want to be Elaine Stritch, when I grow up. I think maybe we all do.

Elaine Stritch performing “Broadway Baby” at the White House