I don’t know how I didn’t know until recently that one of my favorite singer/songwriters has a new band. Aimee Mann has teamed up with Ted Leo to form The Both.

While I enjoy all of her music, I really love when Aimee Mann sings with more simple piano or acoustic guitar accompaniment. That would explain why my favorite of her albums, Bachelor No. 2, or the Last Remains of the Dodo, goes against the general fan favorites list grain. That one is followed closely by I’m With Stupid. All of her albums make me play them a lot initially, but these two got the incessant treatment.

The Both is somewhere in between. Driven by electric guitars, it’s peppier overall than her usual fare, still with the beautifully intelligent lyrics I’ve come to expect. The addition of another voice throughout makes it a bit of a different listening experience. Their voices blend nicely, as do their songwriting

The Both by The Both is a very enjoyable album, with one track that slid right into my incessant playing place. Hummingbird is more the Aimee Mann kind of song that I could listen to all day. Quieter, thoughtful, and thought provoking, it’s very beautiful. I hope for more like that in time, and for now I’m enjoying The Both by The Both very much.

The Both “Hummingbird” — Toad’s Place