This way cool article about the most beautifully, shockingly, horrifyingly delicious series on TV gives the first truly indepth information I’ve ever seen about the characters, the episodes, and why things are so different from Thomas Harris’ riveting novels about the devious doctor we so love to hate. The bit of most interest to me is that they may eventually be able to obtain the rights to use Clarice Starling in the series. That intriguing possibility immediately started chasing itself around in my head. It’s impossible not to wonder how they would fit Clarice into the life of a Hannibal we think hasn’t met her yet. I’ve been fascinated by the ways his macabre dance with Bedelia seems to mirror the Hannibal and Clarice dark duet of Harris’ novel Hannibal. Though it sounds like mystique is the underpinning beneath the surface of Hannibal’s actions regarding his own shrink, I’m in for the ride, wherever it goes. It took some time, but I’ve come to accept the TV series Hannibal as its own, unique Hannibal Lecter vessel. They know what they’re doing. The fact that I don’t is part of the attraction to this character driven, beautifully executed moving still life of a horror show.

Hannibal Season Two — Trailer