I started watching NCIS from ep one for one reason. I fell in love with David McCallum’s looks and acting, when I watched him as Sydney’s father in the excellent but largely unsung science fiction series VR.5. In addition to its fabulous cast, it was absorbing and a little too far ahead of its time. So McCallum’s addition to another great cast drew me in and I’ve been watching NCIS from ep one.

McCallum’s character, Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, has gone through many experiences over the course of the long running series. He’s always been charming and a bit eccentric. As his character progressed, we learned that, in addition to his keen intelligence, he is resourceful and a good man to be in danger with, if in danger you must be. It took his involvement with a figurative fallen angel to begin to show his romantic side. Then last week’s episode expanded on that and more.

We now know why such a handsome charmer never married the love of his life. Actually that there was a love of his life. Even that he doesn’t like bow ties, and why he wears them anyway.

What we don’t know is why the much younger Alice Krige was cast as said love. With her unusual beauty tweaked, it worked. Star Trek: The Next Generation tweaked her right into scaring us to death as the Borg Queen. So turning her into a Ducky contemporary must have been a piece of cake compared to that. Particularly since David McCallum certainly doesn’t look 81! Maggie’s acerbic demeanor contrasted beautifully with her softer attitude toward “Donnie”. They made a lovely and believable couple that might have been. So much so that I hope we haven’t seen the last of her, or of the dreamy romantic side of Ducky, as fully revealed in their final scene.

NCIS Clip: Over My Dead Body