This story of a Paris apartment left untouched for 68 years is the kind of thing read about in novels.  At times remarkable events do happen in real life, especially when aided by the urgency of history in progress. A woman hurriedly fled her home to escape the Nazis. In her haste she left behind a tangible snapshot of turn of the century life.  A beautiful apartment filled with beautiful things. There are layers of awe frozen in time here. Awe in the lavish furnishings and accessories with which she was able to surround herself, awe in the history held captive so perfectly by time, and awe in the almost palpable fear that drove her to abandon such a gorgeous and well loved home with little time to spare. The pictures of the abandoned rooms made me feel each of these things in progression, even as I was both envious of the life she must have led and horrified by the ill tides of the war that drove her from it.