Seems like only yesterday that a team of scientists made headlines, with their study about the nature of our existence. No, not a religious bent to be seen. Not traditional existential philosophy musings either. This who, or what, are the collective we question that was burning a hole in some great big brains like birthday money in a ten year old’s pocket wanted to know if we, perchance, might all be living in a universe size virtual reality program.

I never actually heard news of a conclusion, which leads me to think whatever was found tended more toward the not variety of sought after conclusion. One would think that if evidence of such a possibility has been located every point on the spectrum from Cosmos types to ancient alien theorists to conspiracy theory enthusiasts would be intrigued, enchanted, and/or frothing at the mouth.

Instead, that one slipped into what passes for obscurity in these everybody-knows-everything times. But, wait! There’s more! The most recent, similar study has emerged from its well funded woodwork to pose a new what if. Could we actually, instead, be holograms? Actually, the proposed possibility this time is that the entire universe is one great big bang of a hologram.

I got curious enough to skim a couple of articles, but it was like trying to grasp impossible streamers dangling from rocketship wings. Though I’m not a scientist, I’ve had the audacity to write characters who are. They, however, are of zero help when I find myself confronted with scientific articles so far over my head they may as well be written form Mars. I did find an interesting tidbit insisting that they don’t mean holograms the way we think of them. I took that to mean that we aren’t to expect to see Quantum Leap’s Beckett pumping gas or Rimmer from Red Dwarf popping in for a cuppa, though I remain clueless as to what other type of hologram our universe could be.

I expect the hologram theory study to fade away as well. Really, even if there were a heartstopping discovery that we are all either virtual reality experiments or residents of a holographic universe, would we ever be let in on the secret? I seriously doubt that the powers that be freaking out over potential answers to
questions about the existence of alien life are going to risk global panic over such revelations, by blithely telling the general public that everyone is a virtual reality character living in a holographic world. Um, or the other way around.

What I think will happen is that the hologram question will go gently into that good night. Also without real resolution. After all, there will need to be room on the Twitterverse for the next big study about what exactly little girls and boys are made of. So a year or two from now I expect to see headlines blazing across the internet about an exciting new study that seeks to discover if we might all be artificial intelligence beings…living in a virtual holographic reality…perhaps on a verdant Mars, where people raptly watch robotic rovers explore the barren landscape of a ravaged planet once called Earth.