As I’m still enjoying being thrilled that Sean Bean has a weekly TV series, TNT’s Legends, I found this little Entertainment Weekly slideshow very entertaining indeed. It shows pics of his death scenes from a half dozen of his roles. The best part is that each one is accompanied by an anecdote from Bean himself. Since it was Boromir’s beautiful, arrowstruck demise that made me a Sean Bean fan, I’m rather fond of that one. Others, like the infamous Dead Ned’s Head of Game of Thrones and the gruesome torn apart by horses swan song in Black Death, not so much. He seems cautiously optimistic that his state of mortality is in on upswing now, so hopefully he’ll be around for seasons and seasons of Legends. I thought the premiere on Wednesday was excellent, and a wonderful showcase for his enormous talent. When it’s time for the series finale though, all bets are off. I wonder if it will be impossible for them to resist the longstanding tradition of finding a new way to kill Sean Bean? Until then I intend to enjoy watching him transform himself into his character’s legends every week.