I came across My Wild Affair: The Seal Who Came Home last night on PBS in progress and ended up captivated by it. It tells the true story of Andre the Seal who became part of a family’s life for decades. The closest relationship was with Harry, the father, who became a softer, wiser person through his decades long experience. The seal was adorable of course, but the story went much deeper than that. The thing I found absolutely astounding was the way Harry decided not to truck Andre to the aquarium where he wintered for safety’s sake, because the seal hated it. Instead he turned him loose at Marblehead, Massachusetts, relying on hope and faith in his aquatic friend’s desire and ability to return home on his own. That a seal could swim nearly 200 miles for years to a place he had to find by instinct seemed unlikely, but apparently Andre was very good at managing the unlikely. The PBS program was charming, sweet, and poignant. This little YouTube clip was all I could find of it there, but it gives a nice taste of the appealing quality.