The first time I saw this Sia video for Chandelier I was so caught up in watching the young dancer that I didn’t really hear the song. I’ve loved Sia’s music all the way back to Zero 7, and I really like this song, now that I’ve actually paid attention to it.

That girl, though…. Even in our world of constant, overwhelming entertainment, you just do not come across that level of talent every day. The only reality TV I watch is America’s Got Talent. So even though I don’t see all the interpretive dancers out there, I recognize a remarkably talented one when I stumble across a performance. It looks completely spontaneous, which means it’s probably meticulously choreographed.

Maybe it’s the hair, though it’s platinum not red. Or maybe it’s the stylized motions that give off a not quite one of us vibe. Whatever it is, something about the dancer reminds me of Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element. Ethereal, other worldly, and a little scary. Beautiful, though. The dancer, the song, and the video as a whole.

My favorite music video I’ve seen all year.