Just when you think the urge to technologize screenwriting peaked with the idea of using algorithms to churn out blockbusters is as bad as it gets and a product of the 21st century need for more of everything now, you find out the general idea was around before most screenwriters alive today were. And using a robot, no less. This article tells of a handy dandy invention that intended to set the emerging filmmaking world on fire. Call me a purist of sorts, but I don’t even like the idea of software that generates plot, and practically writes everything for the budding word wrangler with visions of blockbusting movies or best selling novels dancing across the bank vaults in their heads. I adore words and creativity and art. Too much technological intervention seems to me tantamount to sucking the soul out of the magic of storytelling. Of course, not even Amazon sells the Plot Robot, so we don’t have to worry about that writing tin can “helping” our creative efforts as much as autocorrect does. It would be intriguing though, to find out what the Plot Robot and autocorrect could produce in a collaboration made in budding AI heaven. Why, sure, I’d go see a many decades later sequel titled Goodnight, Mrs. Potato Chips 2…wouldn’t you?