I always eagerly await every new album released by my favorite singer/songwriter, Sarah McLachlan. This time I’ve known about it for ages, in great detail, since I follow her on Twitter. Have I said lately how much I love Twitter?

Sometimes I really love my Amazon MP3 app too. I was able to get Shine On slightly before it technically became available. There was some initial misunderstanding, because of promos about the deluxe version only being available at Target, but some internet digging turned up the fuzzy info that it was the hardcopy deluxe version that was Target only. So I got it with the extra songs digitally quick.

Of course I listened to it immediately. I’d heard a few tracks online and already knew I was going to love it. The entire album is beautiful from start to finish, but a few standouts are Flesh and Blood, Monsters, Song For My Father, and The Sound That Love Makes. In Flesh and Blood in particular her voice sounds like an extra musical instrument in moments of vocalizations and her accompaniment in The Sound That Love Makes is the ukulele, which gives it a fresh and slightly unique sound that blends perfectly with her voice.

I first discovered Sarah McLachlan’s music with Surfacing. That’s always been my favorite of her prolific career, but I suspect Shine On is going to challenge Surfacing for favorite, or at least tie with it.

There are many reasons to love Sarah McLachlan’s music. One of them is the variety of sounds and styles she employs on each new album, as well as across a career I hope will continue into infinite mutations.

Sarah McLachlan–The Sound That Love Makes