From the moment I first saw a Ken Done image, I was in love with this wonderful artist’s talent and vision. Vibrant color, bold lines, fun subjects…Done’s work has come to represent all of Australia for me and countless others.

His iconic images are burned into the world population’s retinas, as they have been used in promotions for Australia, prints, posters, apparrel, and much more.  I own several Ken Done shirts, including a gorgeous Koala Blue sweatshirt that makes me happy just to look at it. It reminds me of how much I love Australia…and because it’s just unbelievably cool looking. I love the way he’s made his work so accessible to art loving fans of his unique style. There’s something charmingly special about being able to wear images created by your favorite artist that make you smile as you walk down the street, even if you’re not having a particularly great day.

And it doesn’t hurt that he uses purple a lot. There’s always the potential of stumbling across an image of a purple koala or two….

Click here and then on Thumbs for a look at his current exhibition.