I always get emotionally invested in TV shows I fall in love with. Too invested sometimes. Lost was one of the huge ones. I loved it so much that when I thought it betrayed me in the finale, I came to almost hate it in retrospect.

There was good reason. So I thought. I found the finale confusing. Really confusing. Not long after it aired I heard it explained as a religious story all along. They all died in the crash and the island was purgatory. I don’t know all the ins and outs of every religion, but I’d heard enough about purgatory to think that explanation probably fit as well as any. It seemed to come from the powers that be, written in stone.

I was so disappointed. In fact, I hated it. For a long time I felt that I’d wasted all that time on something I wouldn’t have watched in the first place, if I’d known that’s what the entire series I’d found so glorious almost all the way through was about. In time I decided to just remember how much I loved what I thought it was while I watched it, and let the ending go into the nebulous place in my brain where such things slink away to live under my mental porch. Like a wounded dog.

Part of the problem, I’ll admit, was that with all its delicious twisty, turny mysteries, Lost had sort of forced me to decide what it actually was for myself. I decided early on that I thought it was a VR experiment, along the lines of eXistenZ. The more the plots unfolded, rebooted, reconfigured, the more plausible it seemed. I guess that’ll teach me to second guess a show’s own

So, all faded into the misty past…the glowing freeze frame screen gem graveyard where all favorite TV shows are put to pasture in our minds. It was ultimately their show after all, to do with as they pleased.

But wait!

This morning I came across this article .  Cast reunion. Questions asked and answered. Revelation time. After all this time.

The executive producers say that the island was not purgatory. That was just a persistent rumor. The characters were alive and on a real island! Yay! Whew! From the mouths of the very horses, as it were.

Okay, so I still don’t understand more of the entire series than I do understand. That’s part of the joy in that particular series. So I’ll never be able to say it wasn’t purgatory/it was VR. But at least it wasn’t purgatory!

Reading that simple confirmation made me ridiculously happy. And it made me feel a little ridiculous for letting a TV series be so important to me. But that’s what makes entertainment and storytelling and talent so awesome. It can make us care that much.

LOST Season Finale Trailer