I had seen Sean Bean in movies like Ronin and Patriot Games, without really noticing him. Then I saw The Fellowship of the Ring and Boromir’s death scene grabbed my attention and cemented him as one of my favorite actors. He is extremely talented and extremely easy on the eyes.

Once I notice an actor, I tend to watch everything I can find that they’re in. That usually works out well. Ned Stark, anyone? Also lesser known movies like Tom and Thomas and Bravo Two
Zero. His talent carries those movies. He’s in many scenes, and the movies are all the better for his presence.

Then there are the ones like I watched last night. Mirror Mirror might have been more riveting if super real fairytale fantasy like Snow White and the Huntsman and TV’s Once Upon a Time hadn’t set the bar so high. But it wasn’t because they did. It wasn’t a bad movie, but it seemed plastic and dated. The forest set looked like just that. A set. Compare it to Narnia’s and…well….

The castle was pretty, though.

So was Lily Collins’ Snow White. And her prince. Julia Roberts was over the top, but that’s well in keeping with evil queen territory. Nathan Lane was most entertaining in cricket form.

And what about Sean Bean, the reason I watched it? Five. Whole. Minutes. And, you know what? That was the best part of the movie. For me, anyway. Maybe for others too, since his beautifully regal lost and found king lent an air of reality and solidity to what was really a creampuff of a movie. Even the beast he’d been sorceressed into for most of his child’s life was the coolest CGI part of the whole movie.

So sometimes even a tiny part is worth watching a whole movie for, when that part is a beast and a king played by Sean Bean. He wore his crown well, if briefly.

Mirror Mirror Trailer