This is one of those stories of chains of coincidence that sends a little shiver down your spine. Anthony Hopkins looks for the book The Girl From Petrovka when he gets a part in the movie, and that simple act leads him through a series of events that brings him full circle to its author George Feifer.

I love to ponder coincidence strings of this nature. How is it possible for such a simple start to lead to such a jaw dropping conclusion? Why do such things happen? Does it matter? Maybe life’s confounding conundrums are better left to their moments of “Oh, wow!” enjoyment, and not made for deep analysis.

“Hey, cool!” will suffice.

* An aside:
I discovered the astonishing piano playing talent of Fats Waller from watching The Girl From Petrovka. Anthony Hopkins’ character plays in a band that plays Fats Waller. So it took a movie set in Russia, starring a British actor to introduce me to an American musician every lover of piano music should know about.

The Girl From Petrovka Trailer

Fats Waller Plays Handful of Keys