I have to say at the start of this post that this article made my brain ache. It offers opinions from some extremely intelligent thinkers of one type or another. Some are much more accessible than others, while a number are a challenge to read at a level of real comprehension. I think Einstein’s actually made my brain throb with various blood vessels alarmingly distended, but I got the gist. When it comes to Einstein I often think taking away a solid gist is quite an accomplishment.

As a whole the article really made me consider the nature and origin of creativity. I’ve always tended to take it for granted. It’s something most people have on some level, of some kind. I think general problem solving takes a measure of creativity. Perhaps not the same kind as writing, painting, music…but being faced with an unfamiliar problem requires unfamiliar ways of thinking. Arguably, surviving life itself demands stretching our minds and challenging ourselves in new ways. People who engage in the arts or certain disciplines of science, in my extremely humble opinion, are tapping into a different level of the creative process that keeps us going on a daily basis.

I really like Maya Angelou’s comparison of creativity to electricity, a force we can tap into without really understanding it. Some of life’s best and most treasured experiences carry a mystique, an elusive quality that sends a little frisson of something inexplicable along our mental spine. I’m happy to tap into my own creativity even though I don’t really understand its nature or origin…just as long as that tap never runs dry.