I don’t normally post twice in the same day, but I also don’t normally have this much of a technology snafu. Anyone who reads this blog or my tweets already knows that I am so prone to glitches that it’s a minor miracle whenever anything goes smoothly for me. Somehow this afternoon I had to engage my WordPress app in epic battle. I attempted to put together a picture poem at least a half dozen times, and every time I deleted what I thought was a failed effort, it said it was successfully deleted. In draft mode. As the afternoon wore on and frustrations built, I got a very bad feeling that all was not as it seemed. Sure enough, as I finished attempting what I swore would be my final attempt, my phone screamed “DROID” at me in a voice like Futrama’s Crushinator. Cool. Someone liked…wait…that’s not supposed to be uploaded yet. I got to the blogsite in time to find that yes indeed it was there. Not one, but three different versions. I’ve (I’m almost certain) actually, really deleted two of them and left the one I like best visually. Unfortunately, I can’t delete the multiple posts from my followers’ email. What I can do is say sorry for accidentally spamming and hope you at least found it amusing to watch me lose my battle with this app before I knew I’d lost it. Thanks for reading. I appreciate you all very much.

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