A bad side effect of loving Australian rock music so much is that you can’t just run out to a store and buy it on a whim. Assuming you can even find a store with an extremely eclectic choice of in stock music. Unfortunately, even an online behemoth like Amazon won’t have it all. Often too much of what they do have carries the dreaded word IMPORT in the title of its description. I’ve seen single songs by the most beloved artists offered as physical CDs for hundreds, even more than a thousand dollars. That’s so far out of my league I can’t even see the league.

For some reason today, after pining away for more music from my favorite Aussie singer/songwriter/bandfrontman Paul Dempsey, I had the brilliant if badly delayed lightbulb go off.

To YouTube! Away.

So I just spent some time binge watching a bunch of his apparently many live covers. Stripped down…the songs not the man…acoustic gems that literally make me happy just from listening to them. For all that I love so much music so much, it’s not every performer who can make my day just by opening his mouth and singing.

As much as I love his band Something for Kate, it’s when Paul Dempsey sings alone, a man and his well worn guitar, that I’m really struck by the sheer brilliance of his performances and what immense talent he has. Simply put, I think he is not only one of the best singer songwriter acoustic guitarists of his generation, but of our time.

A few of my favorites from today’s blissful binge:

Paul Dempsey Cover of Bette Davis Eyes

Paul Dempsey–Stop (acoustic Sam Brown cover)

Paul Dempsey–Ashes to Ashes (David Bowie Cover)