As someone who has been interested in science fiction and facts since wondering as a little kid how electricity got into the house and looking up into a sky full of stars wondering what kinds of worlds and people were among them, I’m surprised I never knew about the early robots described in this article . The accompanying slide show has images ranging from unintentionally amusing to a little scary to cool potential.

I mean, sure it would be cool to have a robot that could whistle… for a half hour. After a while, though, such a feat would lose the novelty factor and you’d be left with essentially a tea kettle…that can’t make tea. There is no doubt that there are a lot of people who would love a robot touted for its ability to shoot a gun. Maybe it could be trained…er,  programmed to go out to the woods and shoot dinner for the automatic housewife to prepare to most likely imperfection. The article did say the robotic shooter’s weapon of choice was a revolver, which would have come in handy back then to certain quarters of society.  Especially if it had a partner adept at making cement shoes.

I think waiting around through the decades for Harrison Ford to dream of electric sheep is still the best plan for those with both illusions and delusions of humanoid robotics. Much cooler, though I’m sure more world weary. Of course who knew back in the day of experimental robot making that in a galaxy long ago and far away a man with a Ranch would someday give the world a kind of artificial man that would become a beloved icon of the future, a golden paragon of linguistic prowess, friendship, loyalty, and Nervous Nelly nagging? Anything is possible, and that’s proven every day by the ones who dream in futuristic sleep.