2013 Moondance Laurels Duo

When I decided to enter two feature length screenplays in the 2013 Moondance International Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, I felt it might be too much to hope that both would gain recognition by this respected competition. But, of course, I hoped anyway. After the long wait for judging to be completed and the announcement to be made, I was rewarded when one was chosen a Finalist and the other a Semi-Finalist. My philosophy has always been to aim high, hope for the moon, and dare to dream. It’s not always easy. Disappointments come embedded in any creative life, and they can hit hard. However, they can be countered with gratifying triumphs that fuel those aims and hopes and dreams.

I am thrilled to have earned these laurels for my 2013 Moondance Feature Drama Finalist and 2013 Moondance Feature Drama Semi-Finalist.