I had two entries in this year’s Moondance International Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. It’s the first time I’ve entered two scripts, and it seemed a bit much to hope that they would both place. No matter how much I believe in myself as a writer, I’ve learned that expecting too much can make the inevitable disappointments harder to take.

No worries about all that angsty stuff this time, though. I just found out that one drama was chosen to be a Feature Screenplay Finalist. The other drama was chosen to be a Feature Screenplay Semifinalist.

I really enjoy the challenge of writing feature length screenplays. It’s like no other form of writing, with its precise formatting and compressed style.

The one that made Finalist underwent a pretty extensive rewrite right before they were open for submissions last fall. I’ve discovered that screenwriting is an ongoing experience of learning, growing, and applying that new knowledge and growth to continual efforts to improve a project…no matter how finished it feels. Having the effort I put into it  rewarded with recognition by respected competitions always spurs me on to reach for that next bit of improvement. It’s like a game that never ends, and the prize is the way I feel right now.