I can’t watch the season finale of Falling Skies without at least mentioning how much I love that series. I look forward to it every week, after looking forward to season premiers starting at the end of each season finale.

I don’t know what makes some series successful, while others languish in the ratings until they fade away into obscurity. All I know is that Falling Skies hits the entertainment sweetspot in several ways.

The ensemble clicks, for one thing. Tom, Col. Dan, and Pope could not be more different types of men, yet for all their conflicts with each other and others they are a formidable team. Each a member of the unlikely family that takes care of their own and anyone else who falls afoul of the alien invasion.

The writing is there. All the time. Even if we don’t know why something happened at Point A, we will know by Point…Z, if that’s what the plotline needs. It takes diligence and a whole lot of talent to keep up with such high levels of everything from believability to continuity.

The production values are some of the finest on television, and I would say much better than a number of movies. In fact I’m often struck as I watch by how cinematic the Falling Skies viewing experience is. It’s certainly not every TV series that leaves me feeling I’m watching a serialized movie. If only more gave that much quality so consistently.

Beyond all that I think what I like most is that at heart Falling Skies is a story of the human spirit. In all its guises, in all its downfalls, and in all its glory. It’s about love and perseverance and hope, all wrapped up in Skitters and Mechs, backpacks and mind control, alien invasion and resistance to it. I can only hope that if it ever happens for real there will be a Tom Mason, a colonel, and, yes, even a Pope to lead the fight back into the light.

Falling Skies Season 3 Trailer TNT