My new piece of Murano glass screams to be photographed. Fortunately, I have a new phone, with a better camera. Unfortunately, I’m still learning to use it. So please bear with the quality of these pictures. Hopefully, they’ll improve as I keep discovering new camera features.

First up is from a bit bit back to show it all.


Most, anyway. Since I clipped a petal tip. The new phone is bigger, and my small hands haven’t quite got the hang of aiming with it yet.


Close up it makes me wonder even more how something this intricate is blown from glass. The construction of the flower alone must be complicated and time consuming. Then they have to add colors and sparkly bits. I never cease to be fascinated by these works of art that meld human talent, natural material, artificial add ins, and fire no less.


Different background, a blast of flash, and it looks like I switched it out for another piece. 

I didn’t really like this one as much as my other pieces of Murano glass, but it was all the store had when I was out to spend birthday money except for one slightly bigger flower. It was an odd cream color and didn’t appeal to me at all. Since there was no purple one, and I didn’t want to leave empty handed, I got this green one. I’m glad. It’s grown on me since, and now I love having it in my collection.