Entertainment Weekly’s 25 Best Songs of Spring TV

EW really pulled out all the stops for this selection of 25 Best Songs of Spring TV. Not surprised at all to see the latest everywhere artists Icona Pop and Emeli Sande there, or longtime staples like The Shins and Snow Patrol.

Voxhaul Broadcast was an interesting choice. I’m not familiar with their music, except for the song that got them on this list. I’m afraid I don’t really remember it. No fault of the song. The whole Walking Dead sequence where Andrea surely died wishing she’d stayed the heck at the prison was so harrowing I was lucky to finally remember Milton’s name for more than five straight minutes. Nothing like going from milquetoast to attempted hero in a blaze of too little too late glory to etch a person in the collective audience memory banks.

Der Bingle (that would be Bing Crosby, crooner and movie star from the preMTV and barely post silent movie days, for those who don’t carry my oddball popculture trivia gene) was a surprise, though he shouldn’t have been. That man was a classic before classics were cool.

The big surprise to me was Let Me Call You Sweetheart, the lovely old romantic song that Martha (with a nearly feral wicked gleam in her eye) sang to our belovedly, predictably ascerbic Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey. For once…just this once…Lady Violet was uncontrollably speechless. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a beautiful song and it was fun to watch Shirley MacClaine and Maggie Smith face off in such an unlikely way. It’s just an unusual song to drop into that particular music pool.

That’s the reason I like this list so much. It’s not everyday that you see such a wildly varied mix of music in one place, under an umbrella that gathers them so well. It’s an interesting collection of songs and their singers that covers the better part of the past century. From Downton Abbey to The Walking Dead…tied together across decades by music that could not be more different.


Now I’ve given myself a mental image of the Dowager Countess and Cousin Isabel, taking part in a zombie walk through the local village. Time for a nice, soothing cup of tea. It’s been said that a hot cuppa can fix almost anything….