Here we go again with the split personality of that sometimes evil monster, sometimes pussy cat known as opinion. And again with my favorite example, Anthony Hopkins. Probably not my best litmus test, since I enjoy everything he does.

Apparently not all movie critics agree. Radically. I came across a RED 2 review that started out with some opinions saying how awesome he is in it. Duh. He’d be awesome reading a phone book (those endangered relics of technologies past) on a bare stage by himself, with acoustics only the pigeons in the rafters could love.

Then the naysaying contingent piped up. I think this was all a dissection of this new RED 2 trailer. I wasn’t sure when the critiquing digressed into finding fault with some of his other work. Seems there’s an element that does not approve of what they call scenery chewing, and I call endearing goofiness.

You know that rare and pesky gift… individuality

Oh, sure, he could sleepwalk through his lines. I can’t imagine that he would, based on the scores of his movies I’ve seen. He could blend into the pile up of like aged actors whose names I get mixed up until I see their faces. There is no mistaking Sir Anthony Hopkins, whether he’s being Shakespeare’s Titus, Thor’s thundering father, or the best Hannibal ever.

That’s. A. Good. Thing.

I have no clue which of the mannerisms and quirky moments are his own invention, which ones lie at the feet of a director, or what can be traced all the way back to a screenwriter. Well, except for when he quacked like a duck in August, since he directed that one. All I know is that they’re all part of what makes me love to watch this wondrously talented actor. And when I see RED 2, I’ll eagerly watch for the bits where his mad scientist puts up his dukes to offer fisticuffs with Bruce Willis and funny walks on the tarmac.

Unpredictability, people.

It’s what makes the difference between mere talent and glorious talent. And it’s one of the many reasons I love to watch movies, and my favorite actor in them.